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Recreational Sex An Insiders Guide To The Swinging Lifestyle By the editor of Connection Magazine, Patti Thomas

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. Dave says ...Wow.... Despite the title which ...Oct 23, 2007 ... Connection publishes and distributes approximately a dozen so-called. “ swingers” magazines. Connection defines the philosophy of

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...Broaden your impact on the swingers. Advertising in CONNECTION MAGAZINES. CONNECTION MAGAZ will ensure you the greatest return on your advertising ...Jazz Connection Magazine. “Sandra Dudleys great range and deft management of wordless rifts to swingers and mesmerizing ballad singing are quality ...Whatever you did unto the least of did it unto me. Come and see what you can do for others

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.Ohio Connection Swingers Magazine Kirkland Wa Swinger. Games and knows what she wants knows what shes looking for either a female male or group of women or ...Your Indiana swinging connection SINCE 1998 ... seems that some people connected to a new club in Muncie have many secrets they probably would rather not ...Swinger ads Connection USA erotic photos, and movies. ... Offers advertisements Swingers Magazine Online Swinging chat, and magazine articles.

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...Jan 26, 2010 ... Swingers Connection Magazine As promised last week when I uploaded the new Tab... I just uploaded the new issue of Tryst Magazine you ...A highly recommended swingers magazine I dont believe is still published but we had ... Texas Connection is available at many adult book and video stores, ...